Management Team

Ann Zintl – President
Ann directs all aspects of the business, including contract, financial, personnel, labor, procurement, and risk management. In addition, she approves every bid, and oversees every project budget and status. Ann has managed the company for over 27 years, and is committed to organizational integrity and excellence.

Will Zintl – Vice President
Will has over 35 years' experience in every aspect of the commercial wall construction business, as an apprentice carpenter, journeyman carpenter, foreman, general foreman, and 30 years as the founder of Zintl Inc. He firmly believes that a job well done means understanding every aspect of the construction process, even the aspects which others contribute. He is the company's field leader and is directly involved in every aspect of getting the job done right and safely. He oversees every project and is often seen on jobsites troubleshooting and making sure things are per plan and on track.

When it comes to service and quality he will not cut corners, and believes in giving his crews enough time to do the job right the first time. He has a passion for service and quality instilled in him by his father, a European craftsman who valued pride in his work above all. Will is in the construction business for the long haul. He sees his values as his legacy, and he and Ann are grooming their three sons to carry on the Zintl tradition of quality and service.



I would like to express my
appreciation on what a great job
your company did in helping us
transform our building.

Successful companies all have
common characteristics—great
management and great employees. You have proven that you have both!

Bill Defiel